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Luke Peterson
Luke Peterson

The Klub 17 Preteen Pack

I stayed at Star Cancun Royal which is the newest all inclusive resort in the area. They have a kids club and a kids play area. They also have a pool and a playground outside of the club area that was a lot of fun for both kids and adults. The kids club is phenomenal as well as the front desk staff, they are all super friendly and really do their best to be helpful. If you have kids that are 2 and under they offer a kids welcome package which includes a baby bath, infant, and child car seat. All day they offer little activities like sensory play, dancing, face painting, face reading, etc. For adults they have a juice bar, sports bar, and a water sports bar. They have a water park that has awesome slides and a slide straight into the pool for the little ones. They also have a kids play area for free on the grounds and a lotta BBQ areas as well. Overall I enjoyed my stay at Star Cancun very much and would definitely stay there again.

The Klub 17 Preteen Pack

I LOVE that this Klub has a fifth wheel option! As a family of five we are looking for that extra room, and now my kids can stay home at night while we go on awesome adventures. So fantastic! Any other options that are portable? Thanks! :) Lucy

Hi there! Thank you for this insightful information! I guess many of the questions kind of repeat themselves but I am thinking Iberostar for probably a once in a lifetime family trip to Mexico (two boys will be aged 10 & 12) a friend recommended the villa option which sounds great for us to opt in / out of activities. want to be able to play pool/table tennis etc with the kids not just pack them off to clubs and do some local exploring too. Are there other resorts that are better than Iberostar for this we do want a/i and we do want as much luxury as possible too. Thanks again, Cathy Johnson


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