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Autocad Lisp Copy To Clipboard Fail

If a problem occurs during the import process, a detailed error message will appear. Click the Help button on the message for complete details and suggestions, or consult theerror message list. If you need further assistance with an error, use the Copy button to copy the details to the Windows clipboard and include it with your support request.

Autocad lisp copy to clipboard fail

Lisp code should use this function instead of buffer-substring,buffer-substring-no-properties,or delete-and-extract-region when copying into user-accessibledata structures such as the kill-ring, X clipboard, and registers.Major and minor modes can modify filter-buffer-substring-functionto alter such text as it is copied out of the buffer.

I need to be able to turn off all layers but the one that has the Imperial text and dimensions in it, CTRL-A and CTRL-C to select all and copy to clipboard ... then need to be able to paste into the exact same position - but in a new layer, e.g. the metric layer. Then I can switch to the metric layer and edit (convert) the necessary values into Metric. The Layouts will then just be ready to print!

An object's layer is one of its properties, just like its color and linetype. If you want the pasted objects to be associated with a particular layer, the easiest way is to give them that layer property before copying them to the clipboard.

Beginning with AutoCAD 2005, you can copy the contents of the layer dialog to the clipboard for pasting into other applications, mainly for printing. With the dialog displayed, issue the Ctrl+A keystroke combination to select all the records, then use Ctrl+C to copy the contents to the clipboard.

You can have the kill commands always copy the deleted code to the clipboard by setting calva.paredit.killAlsoCutsToClipboard to true. If you want to do this more on-demand, you can kill text by using the selection commands and then Cut once you have the selection.


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