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Luke Peterson
Luke Peterson

Buy One Get One Iphone X At T

Well to me this was very strange. I brought a new iphone. I am giving my grandson my old one. He accidentally put a at&t sims card into my verizon phone. Now it is locked to AT&T. How on earth could this happen just by putting a sims card belonging to at&t into a verizon phone. Its was my phone so how could at&t switch it and lock it when it is a verizon phone. I do not understand.

buy one get one iphone x at t

HiThanks for a very informative article. I am going to France for1 month and need my iphone for navigating the roads with google maps, I probably will not use the phone much and will use my ipad for email etc on a wifi network, so my question is this: are there some French plans that are better for data rather than minutes of phone usage?thanks

When I purchase my SIM card in Ireland and get my Irish number, will all my apps still work?If I decide to use my phone (iphone6 with Verizon) in Ireland will it be ready to (it is unlocked) without any activation ?Many thanks for a really thorough informative article. 041b061a72


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