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Vinayagar Songs Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 15 LINK ((FREE))

I had completely forgotten to update the lyrics page whenever I added new ones. Mr. Nandan, who is currently sending many lyrics for famous devotional songs sent me a excel spread sheet with all the titles. I made one more change and added links to those. This would help all the visitors to easily search for any lyrics they want and click on the link. So, here comes the list in alphabetical order which from now onwards will be updated as and when a new ones is added.

Vinayagar Songs Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 15 LINK

This is an absolutely amazing collection of songs. Thanks for this Meera Madam. Have one request. Do you have the lyrics of the song : Enna Swaami Jagadantaryaami by Sri Jagannatha ViThala Dasaru. If so, can you please share the lyrics Madam? Thank you.

Namaskarams meera madam. I am Mrs.Jaya aged about 63 years. I am an ardent admirer of you and greatl y appreciate your efforts in helping many lakhs of people like us by devoting your valuable time and giving us many rare songs with lyrics.

Madam, i would be grateful if you could kindly help me with some of the lyrics of Sri Vadiraja Guru and Kanakadasa songs and also Sri Vidya Prasanna Theertharu. Though i know only tamil and english, you can help me with kannada lyrics so that i can get it translated thru my son

There is a person P.R.Ramachander though a Tamilian but like you lived in Bangalore all alongHe has a web site where he has so many songs of purandara dasa with English meaning. He has other great materials as well please take a look it might helpHere is a link:

Hi Meera,I am retired person. I found the blog very useful to know the lyrics to many dasara padas and devotional songs.Will you please help me to have a link to know meanings to Kannada lyrics into Telugu. Though we are Madhwas quite settled in Andhra Pradesh and have little knowledge of Kannada. Telugu/English meaning to Dasara Padas will really help our family members to understand the meaning while doing bhajan.

I like this site very much and I took the print out of Mahishasura mardini slokamMy name is lalitha Raja. Does any one know the lyrics of kanyaka parameshwari stotram in tamil. If so, please post it. Thanks.

Dear Meera,Great site.Wonderful service.These two lyrics have come on right time when festivities begin.Thank you for this fantastic service.A small request ,can anybody sing these lyrics and post it in you tube(just like the Keshava Nama and the rest) It would be very useful just as the other you tube songs have been.Thank You once again to all those involved (Smt Chitra,for posting these two songs and many more) and thanks esp to Smt Meera for her service.


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