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The list below includes the headline (with a link to the full text) and an excerpt from each story. Click on the press release headlines to access accompanying multimedia assets that are available for download.

Pretty in Red — this dynamic trio of images show, respectively, a computerized preview of an overview, electrical connect, and photoresist mask for a torsional ratchet actuator.Download 300dpi JPEG image, ‘tra_overview.jpg’, 176K (Media are welcome to download/publish this image with related news stories.) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Just as a movie theater’s “coming attractions” help viewers choose movies they may want to see, preview images — computer -generated — of possible micromachines help designers choose the device they want fully fabricated. The need for previewing is particularly important because microdesigns for telecommunications, inkjet printing, and medical and auto safety devices — to name just a few — are fighting for dominance in new, still unestablished fields. So it is disheartening for designers to learn — after months of work designing a prototype, followed by the time and cost of fabricating it — that a brainchild needs further modifications before it can be marketed as a workable device.To make life easier for designers, Sandia National Laboratories researchers Vic Yarberry and Craig Jorgensen have crafted 2-D and 3-D modeling programs. Download 300dpi JPEG image, ‘tra_angle_tra_electricalconnect.jpg’, 112K (Media are welcome to download/publish this image with related news stories.)

download 3 storeys full movie

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